Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Photographs will be coming......soon

The school holidays are here and with it bring two birthdays in my household so lots to organise!

After looking through the rubbish manual for my camera I turned to my brother in law who has told me the settings to use to get the best close up photographs.

Now all I need is a little time to set up the new photography light box and take some.

Oh for more hours in the day!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Work on the website

I went to a shop I have been supplying for the last year, only to find that the owner now wants £5 a week for each shelf. She wanted 20% off for herself and other members of staff and bought as many scarves as I could supply at christmas, but I just can't make the money to pay the rent as well for three shelves of stock. Now decided to concentrate on the website. I've decided my pictures are rubbish! Having looked on the craft forum, I've decided to buy a photo box with lights and a tripod for the camera to take better photographs of the pieces. I went to toddlers and managed to sell some pieces there without having to try, so hopefully if I can show the jewellery "in a better light" others will want to buy too!