Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gruffalo Party!!!

Can't believe it's a year since I last posted on this blog...apologies, but I have been sooo busy and promise to post more often.

It started off with all participants being fitted with a mask and claws.

They all had a sticker on so that at least I knew who they were and I put them into teams: team mouse, snake, fox or owl so that I knew which group they belonged with.
We made snake finger puppets from mrprintables and we then read the story with puppets I made (photos to be put in next blog)
I then split the four groups up into the four corners of the hall and for ten minutes they played that game before moving around clockwise to the next game:
Throw the beanbags through the Gruffalo's mouth.
Find the snakes egg in the nest (plastic hollow eggs, which you can open up and put in either a sweet or a Gruffalo themed sticker)
Pin the poisonous wart on the Gruffalo
We had the Gruffalo stomp game- stamping on a square of bubble wrap and the winner is the person who pops the most in the time given.
We also included the parents by pulling children's names out of the hat and the three names pulled out have to join in the game!
I made them horns attached to an alice band with a fringe of hair like the Gruffalo made from black wool.
Even my parents joined in!!

The sweets and prizes they won throughout the party they got to put in their party bags and fill them up.  I also made things for the bag.  They got to take home their masks and claws, I made Gruffalo finger puppets, pencil toppers and put in crayons with Gruffalo themed pictures.
Finally the cake was.......of course- Gruffalo
We had a great day and the party was a complete success