Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Wedding bouquet quest.

Still working on the wedding bouquet idea, I have now begun playing with Fantasy Film, a type of liquid resin and have created a lovely pearlised flower with seed bead stamens.

I've also been playing with seed beads to make French Beaded roses.

Let me know what you think and which one you would prefer...or if you think both would work well.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Liquid Resin

Just been a bit busy playing with liquid resin.

Thought I'd try making some flowers to put in my latest design of a bridal bouquet made of beads, crystals and buttons.

Got the flower right, now just have to get the strengthener right as the first session turned the beautiful pearl flower, yellow!

Once this technique is in check, I will post photos of the flowers for you to comment on.

Hope to do this in next couple of days.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Peakirk Gallery

I know it's been some time since last blogged, but I have been busy getting things ready for the launch party at St Pegas Gallery in Peakirk near Peterborough.

The launch party was on the 12th May and the Mayor of Peterborough came to officially open the gallery.

I made my way there at 16:00hrs to find the gallery owner, Neil, sweeping up the floor....time for action.

I grabbed the wine (no not to drink) and set up the table of refreshments close to the entrance.

I spent the next four hours greeting the visitors, getting them to sign the visitors book and showing them around the studio space before asking them to go upstairs and enjoy the exhibition.

The gallery 'as seen on BBC Look East' will also be appearing in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

Now just have to find out when and who will be able to get me a copy!

In the meantime, here's me at the launch party with the mayor!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Can't believe it's so long since I posted, but so much has gone on.

My daughter had her birthday along with my husband and we spent the weekend of his birthday in Leeds watching Big Country in concert.

They played Eiledon, but I didn't get a mention although they did reply to me on their website.

Found out about a new gallery opening in Peakirk near Peterborough and so I contacted Neil in charge and managed to get some of my pieces exhibited.

The gallery will be opening on May 12th so watch this space!!!

Due to this, I have sent some of my best pieces, which I wanted to re take the photos of, so will now have to make more and start again.

I did try to take some photos one night when I managed to have time spare (rare these days) only to find my camera battery was flat!

Just been knitting some scarves for craft fairs later in the year, which is a little strange in the sunny weather of April/May, but needs must.

Finished the scarves for now and so going to go onto a few websites next to start browsing for my next project.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Photographs will be coming......soon

The school holidays are here and with it bring two birthdays in my household so lots to organise!

After looking through the rubbish manual for my camera I turned to my brother in law who has told me the settings to use to get the best close up photographs.

Now all I need is a little time to set up the new photography light box and take some.

Oh for more hours in the day!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Work on the website

I went to a shop I have been supplying for the last year, only to find that the owner now wants £5 a week for each shelf. She wanted 20% off for herself and other members of staff and bought as many scarves as I could supply at christmas, but I just can't make the money to pay the rent as well for three shelves of stock. Now decided to concentrate on the website. I've decided my pictures are rubbish! Having looked on the craft forum, I've decided to buy a photo box with lights and a tripod for the camera to take better photographs of the pieces. I went to toddlers and managed to sell some pieces there without having to try, so hopefully if I can show the jewellery "in a better light" others will want to buy too!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Craft fair

All ready for Edwinstowe craft fair tomorrow, which is 10.00 to 16.00 is anyone wants to pop along and say hi.

Didn't get as many of my ideas done as I would have liked, but always the way.....to many ideas, too little time.

Nervous about how busy it's going to be, but probably not as nervous as my husband who has to look after both children by himself for a whole day!

Tried chainmaille last night and made some chains to put on Zips, so hopefully will see how they sell, now just got to find a picture of a zip that I can print off and stick to card. Thought I'd tack one of the zip jewels (as I call them) to the picture, in order to illustrate.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Great Minds

Having read Ali's comment, all I can say is great minds think alike!

Already got the tickets for the Big Country concert sent them an e-mail saying I was going, the date, the fact it was my husband's birthday and the fact that my company name was Eiledon.

Thought they may look or mention it at the concert (may get a few more viewers) also thought I'd better mention my husband....if they do leave him out at least I could say I did include him in the initial e-mail!!!

Already had a reply back from them, but it just said thanks Jackie!

You never know.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Big Country

Already sold the dark red, black and grey floater necklace so a good start to the week.

The Helpringham ladies pamper evening has been cancelled though as no tickets were sold, which is a bit of a blow, but still another craft fair at the end of March to look forward to.

Having been to see Wonderstuff and Levellers last week at Lincoln Engine Shed, I have just booked two tickets to see Big Country at the O2 in Leeds.

Eiledon (the name of my business) is also the name of a Big Country song (my husband's favourite band), I'm also second on Google to them with more of their websites below so who knows, may even be known by them!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Thought this week I would try going back to do a little more wirework.
Made another floating necklace similar to last week, but with dark red beads.

Ordered some Miracle beads and love the way they catch the light, so after doing a memory wire bracelet with matching earrings which is rather a fun piece.....

I thought I would try to use them on a wirework piece.

Quite pleased with the way they turned out.....Now just to make more for the craft fairs coming up.

I will be at the ladies pamper evening at Helpringham school on Friday 25th March and then at Edwinstowe craft fair on Sunday 27th March.

Say Hi if you come!

Friday, 11 March 2011

More work in progress

Just spent the last few days sorting out my husband's birthday (not until April).

Made a few more items and began knitting another beaded evening bag again as I haven't done any any for some time.
I made a similar set as the first picture to wear at my niece's wedding and loved it so much I made another to sell in the shop.
The second picture shows the start of the knitted beaded evening bag and the third picture is some lovely pale blue "miracle" beads used in a wired bracelet.
Think I'll watch a bit of Friday night tv and do some more knitting with my cat on my knee!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New designs

Got completely away from weddings this weekend by going to see Wonderstuff and the fantastic Levellers play live at the Engine Shed in Lincoln.

Sang very loudly to every song and drank beer (something I don't normally do these days!)


Although I may have another wedding in the pipeline, I am now focusing on more everyday jewellery.

just delivered to the shop these necklaces, bracelet and handbag charms.

Have to start really producing things again fast as I have some craft fairs coming up.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The wedding...part two

Now managed to put on the many photos taken of the day, so here to share with you are some of the few:

The happy couple.

The bridesmaids and an usher. I made the alice bands for the smaller bridesmaids (shown in close up yesterday) and the pearls on hairpins for the larger bridesmaids. The smaller bridesmaid on the right is my daughter Zoe.

Pearls and crystals were added to the bride's hairpins.

The cake had petal paste roses added to each layer and of course had to be beaded to match the wedding party!

Probably going to add these to the shop (the beaded strands so that other brides have the option of buying the three layers from a supermarket or department store and then adding their own decoration.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without the three special people in my life!

For the rest of the week, I am going to be doing other jewellery (than wedding) and will also have to start and think about the up and coming craft fairs.....until next week xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Year flown by!!!!

I can't believe we are already into March.

After christmas I began making jewellery for the next wedding, which happened to be my beautiful niece.
A bit late to start new year's resolution, but I now plan to keep this blog up to date with what I am currently working on.
The wedding took place on Saturday (26th February), at Allington Manor near Grantham.
I made the hairpins, the alice bands, the young bridemaid's alice bands, wraps and decorated the wedding cake.
Lots of pictures:

Tomorrow I will be putting the wedding photos on the blog to see how they looked on the day!