Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Can't believe it's so long since I posted, but so much has gone on.

My daughter had her birthday along with my husband and we spent the weekend of his birthday in Leeds watching Big Country in concert.

They played Eiledon, but I didn't get a mention although they did reply to me on their website.

Found out about a new gallery opening in Peakirk near Peterborough and so I contacted Neil in charge and managed to get some of my pieces exhibited.

The gallery will be opening on May 12th so watch this space!!!

Due to this, I have sent some of my best pieces, which I wanted to re take the photos of, so will now have to make more and start again.

I did try to take some photos one night when I managed to have time spare (rare these days) only to find my camera battery was flat!

Just been knitting some scarves for craft fairs later in the year, which is a little strange in the sunny weather of April/May, but needs must.

Finished the scarves for now and so going to go onto a few websites next to start browsing for my next project.

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