Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dinosaur Party Success!!!!

Nearly a week since the dinosaur party and can't believe I no longer have to work on it!

My son really enjoyed his day

The guests all came into the party where they were given the choice of a handmade dinosaur mask and some handmade dinosaur feet.
They then had to go over to a table to decorate their own party bags with, you've guessed it, dinosaur foam stickers!  Throughout the party they had the chance to win prizes and put them in their party bags.

We had lots of dinosaur themed games with throw (dino) beanbags through Georgie (my son named him).  Georgie was made with MDF. I drew the dinosaur in pencil, cut out his mouth with a jigsaw and then painted him. Get all three in his mouth and win some dinosaur stickers, a dinosaur chocolate (made approx. 125 in a silicone mould) or a chocolate egg...I told them it was a dinosaur egg!

Bought some hollow plastic eggs at Easter, the kind that you can open.  Filled them with either a dinosaur chocolate, a chocolate egg or some stickers.  Put them in a box of shredded paper and they had to take turns to find an egg and see what prize they had won!

Another station was "bowling bones" where card bones were attached to drinks bottles and a ten pin bowling type game commenced (see above re prizes)
Fourth station was pin the horn on the triceratops
After each group had visited all four stations it was time for lunch with dinosaur themed food...dinosaur cut  out sandwiches, chocolates, chocolate eggs (dino eggs of course!) dinosaur turkey nuggets and biscuits- cut out with a dinosaur cutter and also had dinosaur footprints in round biscuits (washed a toy dinosaurs feet and stuck them in before baking!)
After lunch it was full group party games.
Hot rocks...bit like pass the parcel, but if your holding the hot rock when the music stops, you are out (though you are given a bag of sweets) I'm sure some of them held on just to get the sweets!
The last person in, won the main prize.
The next game was dinosaur stomp, which was such fun, I forgot to take photos!
Get some bubble wrap, a square for each person and put their name on the bottom of it.  When the music starts they have to jump on their own piece and try and pop as many bubbles as possible!
The last game was musical dinosaurs.  Like musical chairs but the dinosaurs stuck on the wall on the picture above, were placed on the floor and they had to stand on one when the music stopped, the one left without a dinosaur was out (again with a bag of sweets.)
Found plenty of goodies for their bags...dinosaur bubbles, dinosaur pencils, packets of dinosaur biscuits, dinosaur notepads and mini dinosaur models.
Hope you enjoyed my son's party...he wants an aeroplane one for next year!
Oh and the cake!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

It's been a while

Had a very successful evening selling my jewellery at a spring fayre with lots of extra orders for other pieces to be made.

Got to now order more lovely crystals!

Been around local salons and nail bars to generate more local business. Got national interest from being featured in Wedding Ideas but would like more local also.

Got my sons dinosaur themed party coming up so lots of preparation happening there. Making masks,  feet, beanbags, bowling bones and chocolates...all dinosaur!

Will put some pictures on in next few days.

Take care xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Great photos, great reviews

Got some lovely photos sent by two brides along with some lovely comments about the items they created with

The beautiful Gemma had the Cynthia Side tiara created in topaz Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls to match in with her fiancée's waist coat.

The lovely Hayley had the Hayley bouquet made for her (and named after her) from organza, in purple, to match her bridesmaids outfits.  I'm sure you'll agree, she looks stunning!
I love to see the brides looking beautiful.
Enjoy xx


Saturday, 13 April 2013

So much to little time!

Just created some more pieces for up and coming spring fairs.

Now just got to photograph them.

Managed to sell some of the pieces without even getting to the photography stage!

A bead fair coming up and missed deadline on adding my tattoo inspired bouquet to the feature list in Wedding Ideas magazine as I couldn't find my swallows.....only to find them a week later!

Now just got to change them to silver and then put the bouquet together.

Think I'll call it Vivienne in honour of Vivienne of Holloway as their dresses (and the models) are the inspiration behind this latest bouquet.

Now if only I could get all the pieces together to get it finished.....


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Featured again!

In May's edition of Wedding Ideas Magazine I will again be featured. 

They set the task of completing something in this summer's 'hot' colours and so I completed amongst other things this brooch with a crocodile clip meaning you could wear it in your hair instead.

After this month though I will have to go back to facebook and blogging as it is my last month with the magazine, but I have plenty more ideas!

Monday, 25 March 2013

One of my brides....

After getting a lovely photograph from Gemma, I have finally managed to get one sent on a disc as I have been unable to scan the original photo to use on the web.

Here is the lovely Gemma wearing the Cynthia Side Tiara.

This week I have been asked to produce more bridal items to go with the following themes:  chocolate, mint, love birds and pewter.

Going to add this one to the collection and now to produce more items to show...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It's been a long "busy" while

I've realised (to my horror) that it has been some time since I last posted.

I have been advertising in Wedding Ideas Magazine and have been making more things for new brides who have found Eiledon.

This year the colours are going to be hot and so we are currently working to the new season

Here is our interpretation:

Three hand made satin ribbon roses sitting side by side on a hair comb

 These hand curled organza roses have 160 petals per flower and can either be worn in the hair using the crocodile clip or as a brooch using the brooch bar.  The pink flower has orange Swarovski crystals in the centre whilst the orange flower has pink Swarovski crystals in the centre.

Want to wear the flower as a wrist corsage then this one has been attached to a contrasting colour and being Eiledon, any colour combinations can be made.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Had pictures professionally photographed after I was told by numerous friends and customers that 'my photos didn't do my items justice'

Had a lesson on Facebook and now uploading various new photos of my designs.

Some are now uploaded onto the website

Some items on Facebook are not yet on the website so keep checking both.

Still working on my tattoo inspired bouquet which will feature a dozen red satin ribbon roses, a banner of love accross the centre, swallows and anchors and featured in a black wire 'collar'

Will start and upload this project in the next few days.