Monday, 27 September 2010

Busy times

Not updated this for some time, but as someone was talking on the craft forum about blogs today, I thought I should update mine and I now see I have some followers apart from my friends on facebook ....yeah!

Currently working on a wedding for next month. The bride is now in posession of her tiara and bracelet ( will publish pics once the wedding has happened as I don't want her day spoiled).

Unfortunately she didn't think the bracelet she commissioned me to make, matched the dress, but I have just finished another and so have this to show her.

I have now finished the alice band for the younger bridesmaids and the jewellery for the older bridesmaids and I will find out tomorrow if this order is to be produced for the seven bridesmaids, so excited, but nervous.

Just finished my press releases to promote my business and had them checked by a wonderful and talented friend of my husband's who used to be in the business and so now I just have to decide where to e-mail them off to (try to send off to as many as possible).

Had a few enquiries after my appearance on two fab blogs whose sites appear on the front page of my shop.

In case you haven't checked out what I'm all about go to

Wish me luck for tomorrow! x

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  1. Hope you get the order tomorrow - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Proud to be your first follower!!

    Ali x