Thursday, 1 July 2010

Getting noticed.

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  1. Last night and today I have been in the craft forum saying Hi to people and making comments on their questions, queries and quotes. You have to do this 25 times before you can start and put your website etc out there for them to see.
    Have managed to get to the 25 mark now and so will continue with this in the hope that more people will see my website and business will pick up.
    Took some items to the Lifestyle physio place in Sleaford as they also have beauty rooms and have classes such as pilates etc. Have about a dozen things on show in reception for sale along with flyers about my website and the fact that they can hold jewellery parties with bonuses as the host!
    Time will tell if this is successful, though I have checked and my views to the website continue to go lets hope.
    Currently working on some bracelets for Lifestyle. I'm still waiting for some beads to complete some and the company have now shut down for their holiday, but currently working on a beadweave one, which is lovely, but taking a long time to complete!!!