Sunday, 11 July 2010

Need a weekend off!

Just been away for the weekend to Woodhall Spa.

Left the caravan and Dave at the site to set up whilst I went to collect Zoe from school with Scott.

Spent the very sunny saturday morning at the outdoor pool with Dave, Zoe and Scott. Went around the shops and to a cafe for a late lunch before returning to the caravan for the evening.

When Zoe and Scott eventually went to sleep, I spent the evening making pink beaded flowers for three bridesmaids to wear in their hair at a wedding in August.

Due to the weather, kept being woken up by Scott and so had to spend time keeping him quiet so that the rest of the site were not woken up by his screams!

Not yet finished the beaded flowers, but I'll have to get a move on to have them finished in time.

I'm so exhausted, I need another weekend off to get over the weekend....still lots of washing and ironing to get on with to keep me awake!

The good thing was, I returned to find some of my beads I ordered nearly a month ago have now arrived and so I can get on with making the bracelets for the customers I have waiting....when I get the energy and the time.

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