Saturday, 3 July 2010

So tired and so much to do.

See.... told you I was tired. I put the title to today's blog and posted it without putting any comment.

Just been to the village fete. Only intended to go for an hour or two, but stayed four hours. Just managed to put Scott to bed, done sandwiches for tomorrow as Dave (my husband) is going to Waddington Air Show and I am going to a bead fair at Lincoln to browse (and hopefully buy) lots of lovely beads and findings.

I was going to add more things to my online shop and make a start a necklace a customer has ordered for her wedding, but too tired.

Think I'll just do my shopping list for tomorrow's bead fair (so that I don't forget anything) and settle down for the night.

Finished the St Petersburg Chain bracelet last night and although it is lovely it took over an hour to do and so don't think it will be viable to sell as won't get that much money for them.

I'll see what inspiration tomorrow's outing brings.

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